As you all can imagine, technologies such as the Internet already have a great and increasing impact on our daily life. Network communication technologies have the potential to become the premier choice for retrieving and sharing information, communication and data exchange - no matter whether you share your thoughts with others, consult your doctor, take a look into your electronic patient record or send your little intelligent agent through the semantic web to find some informations, products or services.

Enabling patients to make informed descisions by online health information, newsgroups, discussion boards, etc. and speed up the workflow of physicians by data exchange or online consulting will improve the physician-patient interaction and the medical treatment.

For this reason I'm really pleased to work in and study the exciting field of eHealth - the interface of medicine, medical informatics and IT-business.

"The vision I have for the web is about
anything being potentially connected with anything."

Tim Berners-Lee, Weaving the Web